Zara (Empire of fashion)

Today It was a wonderful day, I visited the global headquarter of Inditex, an enterprise that is the owner of several brands as Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti and Stradivarius.


We entered on a huge parking with good cars, then we got time for got to the toilet and that kind of things and the visit started

Zara Kids : First we get into a huge room, with a lot of people working by searching new trends, and creating draws of the clothing and making samples.

Downstairs we found Zara Men where we saw more or less the same, however here we saw blazers and how they are done, then we visited the Internet shopping area where we saw a photo session to a beautiful blond hair model, we carry on walking across a huge corridor and we arrive to the area where the closets are designed,then it was the time to visit a testing store that is a fake shop where they decide how to show the items to the consumer, the lights of the store and that kind of things.

We came back to the parking but we took a tunnel in order to go to the other part of the factory, we saw people on golf cars and on the tunnel there are suspended tracks for clothing, we arrived to the factory and we saw how they cut the fabric, and that kind of things, then how they set the security alarm to a lot of blazers and the trip was almost ended. It finished with the distribution area, where Zara sends clothing for all his stores twice a week by plane or by road, this area was full of conveyor belts and it was impressive because of his size.

It was an awesome expirience to visit a factory and the offices of a first class company.


We  receive as a souvenir of our trip a t shirt and a DVD.


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