Where are ü now

I used to hate Justin Bieber, I used to. Since this song he became more or less respected for me and with Purpose I like him and I’m going to buy it.

In the past I called Justin a posh boy and stupid, but havin millions of dollars at that age who wouldn’t do that sort of things, but the topic of the post is not to talk about his life,career or music. This post is dedicated to the best video ever.

Justin has created a song with Jack Ü a DJ duo formed by Diplo and Skrillex, and for the video they decide to create a gallery with photos of JB where people can draw onto them and this is the result

The video is perfect, but stoping it somewhere I found really interesting stuff

where 1
Justin and the nightmare
Childhood of Justin and everyone
More Childhood and still watching them
Hello? Star Wars
Burguer   King
For Spanish and latin american fans
Dont be Worried girls, he is not gay 

The video is so impressive, each time that you watch it you discover a weird thing.So let´s go Bieber and carry on like how are Ü doing now


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