About music: Arctic Monkeys

Not so many years ago, at 2012 I used to hear such a bad music as Pibull, Don Omar etc, but there were 2 bands that have completely changed my music taste, one them is Imagine Dragons and the other the boys of Arctic Monkeys

I friend is a great fan of them, and he told me about them, but the first time that I’ve listened to them was the next day of the Brit Awards of 2014, I was searching on Youtube the perfomance of One direction, is not that bad, and I found this

I watch it and I was really amazed, I carry on listening and I was in love of them, they were so perfect.The band of Sheffield has released 5 albums, fot me the best one is the last one, but is the one which I listened more times.


I think that they are going to continue playing all arround the world for a long time, they have created many awesome songs like R U Mine, I Bet Your Look Good at the dancefloor


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