Welcome refugees

Nowadays, Syrians are suffering a war inside their own country, they have to leave there own country and cross the mediterranean with risk. This is because a group that using as excuse Islam are murdering a lot of people.

When the refugees achieve Europe they may think that their journey is already finished, but they want to achieve Sweden, Denmark,UK and germany.And for that they have to walk , with few water to drink , furthermore they can’t follow the shortest way because countries as Hungary have created a wall o  the border of the country so they to travel evenmore but why some europeans doesnt want the refugees here.

The Law

Art. 14 of  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

Some European countries as England doesn’t want to give asylum, and they have to do it by law.

Social reasons

  1. Having people from another country, culture and religon will help to create a multi-cultural society.
  2. Some countries as Spain had suffered civil wars on the past and people had to scape to another country.

Frightened society

Politicians from the right  parties think that terrorist of Isis may come as refugees but i dont think so, if terrorists want to enter on europe they have easier ways of doing it.

So … be welcome syrian people



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