One of the best thing on life is to travel, a person of 17 years old is used to travel with his parents but this time all changed.

1 july 2015: I was on the airport getting ready for this experience, 21 days in a residence. The plane landed on  Heathrow on time, there i met the spanish people to whom i was talking for a long time they were real I was amazed. Finally we took the bus to Oxford too late.

Then it was a rutine but a perfect rutine. Okay perfect not

This is a brithish “Spanish Omelette”

I think that I have never taste food as bad as the one that I ate at England, sometimes they tried to do spanish or italian food that was simply  nasty ,another days it was so spicy and i think that i really like the food 2 days, one it was cordon bleu and another day it was a danish recipe as my danish mates told me .

There we have done some cool stuff like bowling , punting, going to the cinema and the laser combat moreover we played a lot of treasure hunt on the Oxford downtown, also I learnt cool things about this city that nowadays is my favourite one on the whole world.

On the nights we went to the disco, at 10:30 it was ended by the way it was so freaking cool. We dance a lot of amanzing songs, and then reggeton that i dont like it so much but it was funny

We have done several trips to british landmarks such London that i find beatiful and at the same time stressful, i visited mainly the Big Ben, Wetsminster palce, Picadilly , Oxford St. and the Thames southbank . Bath was another amazing city that we have visited by the way it was raining cats and dogs and mainly i rest with some people at Mcdonals , then we did some shopping with the gilrs, we saw the abady and a great street musician

Bath abady

moreover I visited Thorpe Park a great theme park on the surbuburbs of london that was full of thrill rides and rollercoaster that i loved. And then we visited  many museums on Oxford and Christ Church an Oxford college famous because shots of Harry Potter were filmed there. I also visited a medieval castle thas was working until xx century as a prision.

Finally I have meet people that i would never forget, all the Danish people that told me how to say weird things, the Norwegian girls, so cool as I knew them of chatting by whatsapp before Oxford, the Norwegian boys always given me to try sweets that i hate, Elena ( Oh il ciclo do you know what i mean), Francesco my cool Italian twin . People from Austria, Charlotte my little drunk bee and to all the spanish people ( Edu, Mario,Belen,Cris,Zomeño,Natt who show me wordpress y a todos los demas )

Simply Best Summer Ever

Thank You, Tak,Merci,Gracias,Grazie

christchurch colleage

See you again


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